Vaccination Protocol for Adult Dogs

Once adult dogs have had their core puppyhood vaccines (Rabies, Distemper and Parvovirus), the immunity of these core vaccines lasts 7-15 years in their system. This duration of immunity has been shown by Dr. Ron Schultz, a veterinary researcher at the University of Wisconsin, who has been researching canine vaccines for almost 30 years. Dr. Doolittle therefore feels that no more vaccines are required for the life of the animal. Over-vaccinating already immunized/immune-competent animals can lead to many health issues, with sometimes disastrous results. Most holistic veterinarians feel over-vaccination can lead to allergies, cancers, organ diseases and in the case of rabies, behavioral issues, aggression and epilepsy.

The one exception to the “no more vaccines” is rabies, as there are state laws to contend with. It is an option to be non-compliant, realizing that animals are protected/have immunity to rabies for 7-15 years. If there is ever any question about immunity to any of the core vaccines, titer tests (a blood test) can be taken which shows at least some of the animal’s immunity. Anything positive on a titer means your animal has protection. Conversely, a negative titer does not necessarily mean you do not have immunity, as all the types of body immunity can not be measured by titers.

Of course we consider each animal’s individual situation. For example, if a dog is a potential bite risk to people, or lives on a farm and goes unsupervised in the woods, etc., then we would recommend staying legal with the rabies vaccine (now 3 years for RI, 3 years for CT and 3 years for MA). It is possible to get official medical waivers from the states of RI, MA, and CT for animals with medical conditions that preclude them from getting the rabies vaccine.

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