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I started with Sharon in April 2004 after I won a free consultation from a fundrasing raffle. I have been involved with complementary therapies for my dogs and myself scince 1986, so I figured I would meet her and see what she had to say about, my then 5 year old Corgi, Floyd and his condition of Spondylosis in his spine. Along with mega doses of the typical joint and anti-inflammatory supplements, he had been seeing a chiropractor, acupuncturist, energy healers, and periodically had massage threrapy to help relieve his discomfort. All these things helped but really did not make a huge difference. (He is also under the care of a western medicine vet and an orthopedic specialist.)

While I was at the visit I mentioned my concern for my "healthy" Flat-Coated Retriever, Dazzle. The breed is prone to Cancer and I have always lived in fear that she could die prematurely as so many Flat-Coats do. I was very surprised to know that we could test specifically for signs of pre-cancerous activity and we could adjust her diet and supplements to maximize her immune system so she would be healthy at the cellular level. She is an avid agility dog so I was also curious about if she needed a chiropractic tune-up! I had not expected that my "healthy" dog would need care, but Sharon clearly explained the imbalances she was diagnosing and I knew that if I wanted her to live a long life and agility career I needed to optimize her health before serious problems surfaced.

Since then, Sharon has become a pivotal component of my dogs' healthcare. I am no longer going from practitioner to practitioner looking for the right modality to help my dogs. I found it all with Sharon. I am happy to report that Floyd is pain free 95% of the time and he can run hard, play and compete in agility on a limited basis. This is a miraculous improvement! Dazzle is thriving and I feel confident that under Sharon's watchful eye, any imbalances will be picked up before inappropriate disease takes over.

What I like about Sharon is that she will work with my western medicine vet and her original traditional veterinary education gives her the ability to blend and bridge the healthcare methods. She is understanding and flexible, working with me at the level of commitment I can manage. She has a wonderful way with the dogs and is completely committed to proactive healthcare. Without a doubt, I would strongly recommend Sharon to anyone that wants to maximize their dog's health and quality of life.

Dana C. Crevling
Dogs of Course
Upton Ma.

Muttsey was diagnosed with the possibility of having degenerative myelopathy. She could not walk on her own unless a harness was used to help hold her up. I had read that to test for this disease often made the dogs' symptoms worse so I decided not to verify the actual cause. I tried using a new experimental medicine with her, but, after several months noticed no improvement. This treatment was running several hundred dollars a month so I decided to stop. Within another month, Muttsey started to lose all her ability to walk even with a harness. It had progressed to her front legs as well. I thought I would have to put Muttsey to sleep. After doing much looking on the internet for any possible help I found Dr. Doolittle's name. I wrote to her to see if she thought she could help. I first brought Muttsey to Dr. Doolittle in November of 2003.

Muttsey did not regain her ability to walk. However, her quaity of life improved dramatically. Changing her diet and adding the prescribed supplements showed improvement within a short period of time. Within a week, Muttsey began moving her tail which had been immobile for quite some time. She became bright eyed, perky and ate much betterthan she ever had. Her last months were joyful and pain free. I felt very fortunate to be able to make her last few months more comfortable.

Dr. Doolittle's compassion and eagerness to improve Muttsey's quality of life was inspiring.

Lisa Augenstein

From Haybabe (Labradoodle)
Hi! I'm about 4 years old. Ever since I was a puppy I was really itchy. The breeder offered to take me back, but my owner loved me too much. Then I got Lyme disease, TWICE! I was a mess. Our vet did everything she could to help me, but then other vets started ordering bloodwork and all kinds of tests. All kinds of weird things were shoved down my throat and nothing seemed to work. Then we met Sharon Doolittle. My life has changed for the better. It didn't happen over night, but it happened, the itching stopped and my level of health improved unbelievably. Thank you Dr. Sharon.

From Molly (Labradoodle)
I'm 5 1/2 years old. I'm shy. I liked Sharon a lot the moment I met her (and I don't say that about most people). I've had a good life. I met a wonderful young guy a few years ago and got pregnant. I had a rough pregnancy and didn't eat properly. I gave birth to 13 puppies and "sigh" I haven't been the same since. I developed skin problems and wound up wearing a shirt, socks and this dumb collar around my neck so that I couldn't rip my skin off. I think I developed emotional problems too, (I'm very sensitive). My owner tried EVERYTHING to help me. Life was very difficult until I met Sharon. For a while we had to go see her a lot. Now we don't need to see her that often. I am doing really well, and don't have to wear those silly clothes and collars. I miss not seeing her as much!

Two years ago this month my Arabian mare Lacie was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor at the corner of her mouth. We had had this mass resected three times over five years before an accurate diagnosis was made with a biopsy. Since a 4cm border of resection was impossible due to the tumor's location, we traveled to the University of Georgia for large animal radiation. There she was diagnosed with multiple smaller mast cell tumors as well. We faced more excisions and possilby chemotherapy, although chemotherapy histoically has not been very effective in the treatment of mast cell tumors, as our only options. Before we left The University of Georgia I knew I was unwilling to ask Lacie to endure any more hospitalizations.

I vowed to find a holistic veterinarian who could help us while maintaining Lacie's quality of life at home, allowing her to meet her equine needs. God was good to us, once again, and we met with Dr. Sharon Doolittle two weeks after our arrival home.

Lacie has maintained her weight, her quality of life, the luster of her coat, and her amazing beauty and sweet personality, while on her daily supplements under Dr. Doolittle's care, as her tumors continue to shrink in size. Without Dr. Doolittle's care and holistic treatments, including chiropractic and acupuncture, Lacie and I would not have had the last two years together. We are both forever grateful.Thank you Sharon!

Lacie and Perci

Logger is a 9 year old male beagle who had always been in good health other than putting some weight on over the years. He is an incredibly friendly and lovable dog. Back in January, we noticed he was having some trouble jumping up on his favorite couch. He also started having trouble lifting his head. He seemed to deteriorate rapidly and we took him to our vet. X-rays were taken and he was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in the neck area. Our vet prescribed a muscle relaxer and pain medication. There was little or no improvement. His head was hanging so low his nose was practically touching the floor, he would stand in the same place for hours at a time and he cried and yelped when we picked him up to take him outside. About a week later, he was having a particularly bad morning when I picked him up to take him outside as he yelped and cried very loudly. He took a few steps in the driveway and went into the snow laid down and whimpered. We had to bring a quilt outside to lift him onto and brought him to our vet who referred us to a specialist. The specialist confirmed the diagnosis and added prednisone to his muscle relaxer and pain medication. The specialist also said that if there was no improvement within the following few months that we may want to consider surgery with no guarantee of success. There was little or no improvement and Logger also put on even more weight from the prednisone and had several accidents inside the house. We were extremely discouraged and our hearts were breaking. Logger was in a tremendous amount of pain and even with the pain he was in, he never snapped or growled at anyone. At this point we were considering the surgery when my wife was speaking to an acquaintance at work who raises Irish Setters about Logger. She had mentioned to us that she had used a vet who practiced alternative therapies with success and gave us two names, one of which was Dr. Doolittle.

We contacted Dr. Doolittle in March. At our initial meeting, she did a very thorough examination. We must confess, since we never worked with a chiropractor we had no idea what she was doing with the adjustments, lasers and tuning forks, but we asked a lot of questions and she thoroughly explained everything she was doing and encouraged us to ask questions. At the end of the first meeting, she went through a treatment plan which included a totally new diet. She said some of Logger’s problem was due to being overweight. She put him on a diet that believe it or not included chicken, salmon and vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, spinach, etc. She also prescribed several natural supplements to aid in the healing process. While we did not initially understand how all the above techniques, diet and supplements worked, here are the results after 3 ½ months with Dr Doolittle: Logger loves his new diet, is eating healthier than we are and has lost 9 pounds! His goal is 12. He has made what we consider a truly amazing recovery and we feel it is the result of Dr. Doolittle’s treatment. He is no longer in pain, no longer hangs his head and is as active as he was before his disc problem, running around the house and playing with his toys; so now we have a new problem: Trying to curtail his activity since he is still in the healing stage, but it’s a problem we’re glad we have! It’s wonderful to have our Logger back!! A note about Dr Doolittle: She is truly dedicated to her patients. One would be hard pressed to find a more caring veterinarian. During Logger’s treatments, she has called several times to see how Logger was and gave us her cell phone number if we needed to speak with her and we did call her on it from time-to-time and she returned our calls very quickly. She takes the time to answer all questions in layman’s terms, takes many courses on the latest techniques in her field and is available whenever you need to speak with her.

I would also be remiss not to mention Dr. Doolittle’s assistant, Darlene. Darlene assisted in all of Logger’s treatments and is just as dedicated and caring as Dr. Doolittle. Thanks for everything Dr. Doolittle and Darlene! We are extremely grateful!

Bill, Karin and Logger Friedman

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