Natural Flea Control

How to control fleas without killing you or your pet along with the fleas

We recommend the use of essential oil flea repelling sprays as prevention; they should be used whenever you think your animal may be going somewhere where they will be exposed to fleas (woods, dog parks, kennels, etc.). Daily application is necessary if they will be exposed on a daily basis. Dr. Doolittle can test your animal to see which product is approved specifically for their body.

If fleas are found in your home: persistence, patience and diligence pay off. It may take months to get rid of fleas with a severe infestation.

  • All animals in the household (dogs AND cats!) must be flea-combed daily! Flea combs can be purchased at pet stores. Keep a glass of scalding hot or soapy water next to you while combing the animal, fleas that are pulled off with the comb can be drowned by sticking the comb in the glass of water.
  • Daily vacuuming of the entire house is necessary!
  • All of the animal’s bedding should be washed frequently!
  • Products like diatomaceous earth or Parasite Dust can be sprinkled around the house and baseboards, while also being worked into cracks of hardwood floors to kill fleas. This should be left down for several days before vacuuming to allow contact time with fleas. Cedarcide is another product that can be sprayed around the house to kill fleas. In our personal experience, Cedarcide has been the most effective product in both flea control and prevention.
  • Animals should be sprayed frequently with essential oil flea repelling sprays. One of the best products we carry for fleas is Cedarcide, along with another product Parasite Dust.
  • Again to reiterate, Parasite Dust and Cedarcide can be used around the house as well. We have found Cedarcide to be quite effective.
  • If several weeks of the above have not worked at all to reduce fleas, we recommend using the Cedarcide fogger. There is a video on their website, You may have to fog the house two or three different times with a severe infestation. This is an effective non-toxic way to fog the household and kill the fleas. Cedarcide contains cedar oil and a “cousin” to diatomaceous earth.
  • We carry all the above mentioned products including: Parasite Dust and Cedarcide. We also rent the Cedarcide Fogger for $35/week.

Remember: Fleas are tough! Be persistent! Be patient! Be diligent!

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