About Sharon R. Doolittle DVM

Dr. Sharon Doolittle graduated from Michigan State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1982. She was originally an equine practitioner based in Rhode Island. Now, Dr. Doolittle concentrates exclusively on holistic animal healthcare, including Nutrition Response Testing, Applied Kinesiology, Animal Chiropractic, Clinical Nutrition, and other alternative therapies for dogs, cats, and horses.

Dr. Doolittle has received extensive training in holistic healthcare through post-graduate courses and seminars since 1999. She was the first veterinarian in the country to have received her certification for Advanced Clinical Training in Nutrition Response Testing out of the handful that are currently certified. Dr. Doolittle has also lectured extensively on holistic animal healthcare both to animal owners, and to other veterinarians, and has taught at the advanced animal chiropractic seminars at Options for Animals.

Dr. Doolittle has written articles for Aspire Magazine, Dog Fancy, Animal Wellness and Spirit of Change. She has been a guest on WPRO-AM and WBLQ FM radio in RI, and has done a television show on holistic animal healthcare for the program “What’s the Alternative?” which airs on the Dish Network.

Dr. Doolittle’s practice focuses on total animal wellness, utilizing the Nutrition Response Testing approach to diagnose and treat problems. She focuses on creating wellness and nutritional programs tailored to each individual animal, as well as designing programs for animals with medical issues, such as allergies, cancer, internal medicine type issues, etc. She also performs chiropractic work on dogs, cats, and horses to treat lameness and medical problems, as well as maintenance chiropractic work on performance dogs and horses. Dr. Doolittle utilizes a wide range of alternative modalities in her practice, and the appropriate ones are used based upon individualized needs of her animal patients.

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